In 2012 the complaints coming in mainly were from outside the USA, a lot from Germany and Australia. However, on the eve of 2014 it still was a problem in the USA.

Most of the people who complain never had been to beliefnet.com's website and never had subscribed to any of their lists. Beliefnet claims we signed up, but we didn't. We worked long and hard to get unsubscribed, but their spam kept coming.

About a year into my own ordeal with them beliefnet contacted me to ask why I had posted this page. I related to them all of the time and effort I had spent trying to stop their continuing to bury me in dozens of spams everyday. I had telephoned every number I could find for them. I had written postal letters to them. I had tried every link on their website. I had emailed them. I had researched the names of executives in their organization and tried to contact them. Of course, I had clicked all the unsubscribe links in their spams. But nothing even slowed it down let alone stopped it.

Finally someone at the top of their chain of command called me. This page had climbed high in the search engine rankings because of all the people coming to this page to complain. He asked what he could do to get me to remove this page. I told him he could take me off his list and make sure that I never was put on it again. And then he could start including an unsubscribe feature that actually works in his spams. So he did that. And apparently helped other people escape beliefnet's spam too because after a while fewer complaints arrived through this page.

Then I started receiving spam from beliefnet again. Me. The one who talked to so many people in their organization in an effort to stop it. I had been told that I never would receive spam from them again. And the spam they send says that I signed up for it.

I telephoned them. I related the above story. I asked them to make sure I never received anything from them again. They assured me they would. But it continued to arrive. It still said that I signed up for it.

I tried clicking on the unsubscribe options in their spam. That paused it for a while. Then it started up again. I unsubscribed again and that worked for a while. Then it arrived again. Evenutally I changed my email address. That took care of it, possibly because I had gotten a restraining order against a nurse, who is a sex predator in a hospital, and whose husband was angry that I complained about her (that story is here). They had signed up my email address for hundreds of other sites. It is possible that they could have signed up my e-mail address with beliefnet.com as part of their campaign to harass me. But just the fact that beliefnet is set up in a way that allows that is part of the problem.

Anyone who sends e-mails to long lists of addresses should require a positive response from any new address before adding it to their lists, if for no other reason than to prevent miscreants from being able to use their site as a conduit for harassment. When a site produces the volume of e-mail that beliefnet does, it is an easy tool for net vandals. Beliefnet has a list of publications each of which can land in your box everyday if someone puts check marks by all of them. How many do I have to unsubscribe from? How often do I have to go through the process only to have them arrive again anyway?

The fact that beliefnet would allow this to continue, after all the people I spoke to at beliefnet, and after how many times I spoke to them, trying to get it to stop, is unacceptable. So now I will leave this page here until a period of years passes without anyone complaining to me about beliefnet.com. This page has been here since 2003. More than a decade later, on the eve of 2014, it was not over yet for people subscribed against their will and getting 30 to 40 spams per day from beliefnet. It does not appear to be as bad as it used to be, but the problem needs to be cured, not just reduced.