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This site is my sandbox. I experiment with art and programs here
before implemention on sites where I actually do business.
This site also is where I communicate about projects in development.
So it grew haphazardly in bits and pieces over time.
I would like to do it over, but the other sites take all of my time.


Purposeless Link - explorations in web art.
    A long string that leads back to the homepage.

Peace pole sculptures  has links to, another of my sites.
    I've made more of these than anything else. - Victims of error or abuse in medicine have a duty to warn others. I try by maintaining this patient safety site.

Art made from Baseball Bats - This was done to help raise funds for charity.
    Sparky Rodinderson - "The Pinch Thinker"
    Batsy Ross - a flag made of  baseball bats
    Bathuly - a riff on glass art
    Haute Bature - couture made of bats

Pigletzander Calder Sculpture - This also was to help raise funds for charity.
    Alexander Calder - info about the original
    Why a pig?
    More pics of it
    A pic that isn't anywhere else anymore
    Pighuly - see Bathuly if you need an explanation

Theatre - something barely touched on here
    The One-Minute Play Contest
    Checking Out
    Yuppie Scum
    La Tirana

A stainless steel sculpture

Digital Doodles - animation and such
 Cigarette                               (145 KB gif)
    Self Portrait                           (326 KB swf)
Portrait of the red headed Barbie   (111 KB swf)

Photography - a smattering of it

Two dimensional art - on a dialup this could take 20 seconds
    Abstraction on paper
    Work on copper


The Book of Joel - The King James version.
    I thought that people should be able to get to the book of Joel at this URL.
    Besides, lines from it like, "
He hath laid my vine waste, and barked my fig tree: he hath made it clean bare, and cast it away," about how men and women can trot into your life and capriciously ruin it (like this) without your being able to do anything in response, are a mirror of my experience. In my experience, they can further ruin it just for your talking about it. They don't want you to "Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation." They don't want other people warned. You are neither their first nor their last victim.
    Historical notes

Memorials - under construction for the next 20 years
    Harry and Carrie Selmeier
    William H. Selmeier
    Lewis W. Selmeier

    Marjory Moore Selmeier
    and others

Ulcer diet - What an ulcer sufferer can and cannot eat.

Architorture - Fluff, drivel, nothing, just was playing.

Some of what is on this site can be found
only through links you received in email


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And the crimes and the sins and the injustices they have committed against me leave me no better than a ghost that cannot depart the scene of the death of its body, able now only to be tormented by observing all that it never again can have or be part of - love, trust, value, caring and being cared about. All that is left is miserable duty. 

Joel Selmeier
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